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Paving Ideas

Do you need a new Paving Idea?

We know that the outside of our house, the gardens, driveway, front door walkway all have features that need our attention. Paving has its place at your home and is an element that needs attention. With a little tweaking, insight, and design we can put your paving to good use.

A Paving idea or design is much more than putting a puzzle together. We need to consider patterns and materials that are convenient for your project. We want to make your home look unique and welcoming.

There are some special and unique patterns for each application for example a driveway a paving project needs to be hard wearing whereas a garden feature can be specifically characterised. Let us have a look at some popular patterns. Each paving project pattern has its own characteristics. We have the experience as a professional paving company so that you end up with the perfect paving products to last you a long time.

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Herringbone paving

From the traditional English countryside comes paving that are planned and placed in alternate directions. This classic is visually impactful. Here in Johannesburg, we often use it for paving driveways, industrial parks, and sometimes complex roads.
Paving that resembles a chess board is high impact

Chequered paving

Popular and from Traditional origins. A chequered paving project resembles a chess board.

Often the paving is two different sizes. It is eye catching when the design incorporates different surfaces and colours.

Flagstone paving

These irregular shaped Paving stones give you freedom in your design. There is no decoration! Quality stone that makes it famous for industry and heavy-duty areas that are irregular in shape. We often use “Flagstone paving” at hotels, lodges and shopping centers because of its great look and feel.

Next to cut grass the contrast looks appealing.
Driveway Paving is trending in Midrand with a split for long driveways
Paving with Circular and fan designs are trending in Johannesburg

European Fan paving

This design is difficult! It is a popular choice in areas that need a European flair. It is a fan like pattern that can be used on any surface or for any size paving project. It does make an impact, but you must look at it and almost pause to admire it. Perfect for a home entrance or parking area.

Ask for Advice

Before embarking on a paving project, turn to a professional installation company, like us, for advice. Our many years of experience, together with a proven track record, have helped us to build a solid reputation for quality workmanship.
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paving ideas for front of house with classic looks

Basketweave paver

A favoured paving option for walkways. Especially where you would like a Vintage or Historic appeal.

The design is simple and done by alternating the Horizontal and Vertical lines.
paving ideas that includes different size pavers

Cobblestone pavers

Looking back in history cobblestones where small and rounded naturally by water and traffic. They were mostly used when making roads.

Today cobblestones are specifically designed to imitate a naturally worn look. Popular with entrances and round the house walkways.

Running bond paving

Resourceful with little waste away and straightforward to install. Terrific in boutique shops as it is an excellent quality. Preferred for Patio Paving and walkway paving.
Circular Paving Ideas in Rosebank are trending right now

Circular paving designs

Always use quality paving and a trusted installer. It is essential to start at the center and work outwards in a circular pattern. Mix it up with a few other patterns for a visual effect. Great to focus points in the garden.

Paving peace of mind

Walkway paving and Driveway paving should be  pleasing on the eye and very durable. This guarantees years of stress-free service and low maintenance costs.
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paving patterns to suit your home style

Cottage Stone paving

When you have a terraced garden consider cottage stone for great looks, appeal and functionality.

A terraced garden does well when creating curves and simple shapes.
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