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Concrete Paving that starts from R189 per square meter

What is paving?

A pavement is a outdoor floor, floor cover or superficial floor for outside use. Paving is made up of a mixture of asphalt and concrete and some special components for strength and looks.

Paving names include paving tiles, artificial stone, cobblestones, and paving stones.

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110x110 cobble paving

Paving costs per square meter?

Our specialty paving products are installed on average at R270 per square meter. On very rare and simple occasions the price can go down to R230 per square meter. Paving costs can be as high as R420 per square meter. Intricate designs, uneven surfaces and appealing borders add to the costs of simple paving.

We produce our own paving and boast a huge paving product range. Our products are in line with South African national standards. So that makes us pave industry leaders and have been paving for over 20 years in Johannesburg.
100x200 split cobble paving

Concrete versus Paving Products โ€“ which is more expensive?

Large concrete blocks and slabs usually cost slightly less when compared to Paving on a cost per square meter basis. When using high quality and the correct mixture of cement, the difference is about 10% to 15% more for the Paving.

When upgrading to stamped concrete that lasts, standard paving costs are in favour of Paving. We are experienced Paving Installers and manufacturers, call us for sound advice on your Paving project.

Trending Paving ideas

When it comes to patio paving the most popular choice is still paving that resembles natural stone and slate. The second most popular request is Paving Cladding. All of these represent a timeless style. The benefits are low maintenance, and no painting and refinishing is necessary particularly when talking about cladding.

Lately we have been busy with unique projects that involve natural stone for strong visual appeal. Natural stone make projects look clean and contemporary; it is the texture that makes it stand out. Add natural wood and your project will be wonderful and exclusive.
Driveway Paving for a farmhouse needs to be tough and thick
110x110 cobble paving

Paving for walkways

Value and quality paving options should always be considered for walkways when your aim is to add a classic or classy look and feel. Your walkways aim to slow those walking on it so that they can admire its design and take in its ambience.

Do you have a large area to cover, just give us a call and we will be happy to talk about your specific project? Our many paving installations over the years can offer you some valuable information. From classic walkways to industrial driveways, or experience speaks volumes.

Ask for Advice

Before embarking on a paving project, turn to a professional installation company, like us, for advice.
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Mix up your paving for great paving ideas

A lasting impression from driveway paving

Your driveway creates the first impression for your visitors. Make it attractive for a lasting impression.

Your driveway is the first impression (and lasting impression) for your visitors. When you design and install and a one-of-a-kind and attractive paving driveway it is sure to leave a last impression.

If you knew how many of installations have been replicated through word of mouth, you would be astonished!

paving ideas for front of house with classic looks

A paving range that shouts elegance.

Our paving range has charm, elegance, and many colours to choose from.

Our paving has been installed in many applications. From residential paving to industrial paving, we have done it all.

Unique pool paving, patio paving, entrance paving and parking paving projects are our speciality.
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