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Paving Bricks Available in Alberton

If you have high-traffic areas in your Alberton property, then brick paving is the ideal solution. Brick paving is strong and durable, enjoying a longer life than pavers susceptible to cracking. With impermeable brick paving, you are investing for a lifetime.

Our company sources its paving materials from only the best and most reputable manufacturers. Our customers are offered a wide variety of paving in all shapes, sizes, patterns and colours. We only use the best paving manufacturers on the market.

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solve your Paving problems with a trusted Alberton Contractor

Brick Pavers in Alberton

Naturally, we also offer stock bricks. These are popular pavers that are offered at extremely competitive prices and are suitable for installation at residential, commercial and industrial properties in Alberton. Stock bricks are also popular because they are already on hand, ensuring fast delivery lead times.

However, if you want your paved area to display an individual flair and stand apart from the crowd, we can create any special shape, size, design and colour to suit the needs of our Alberton customers.
solve your Paving problems with a trusted Alberton Contractor

What are Paving Prices in Alberton?

Whatever your paving needs, we can supply and install the material of your choice be it a commercial, industrial or residential property. From paving bricks, to slabs and stones, we have everything you will need to enhance and add value to your Alberton property.

• We use (SABS) South African Bureau of Standards-approved paving products
• We are proud members of the Master Builders Association (MBA)
• Our proud track record has been earned over the years
• Our quality workmanship is guaranteed

With our help, you will increase the value of your property. Our paving products are aesthetically pleasing and, as members of the MBA, we can assure our customers of a high standard of quality workmanship.

Paving Costs

Your paving costs will vary, depending on the type of product you choose. However, you can do a rough guestimate of the costs involved by working on paving installation costs starting from around R250 per square meter.
Paving Bricks are the best when it comes to paving in Alberton residential projects
Paving Bricks are best for walkways and garden paths

Paving Installation in Alberton

Alberton property owners know that expert paving installation requires the services of experts in the field. Many have learned this lesson the hard way after paying less, resulting in shoddy workmanship.

Before you go the “cheap” route, consider the following facts about paving that is installed unprofessionally:

• In no time at all, weeds will appear between the pavers
• Buckling will result in surface areas becoming uneven
• Paving will push up and outwards, as buckling poses a danger to pedestrian traffic
• The paving will begin to crack
• The paved area will become an eye-sore

Alberton property owners of private residences, or commercial and industrial properties, have learned to avoid the unnecessary expense of paving repair work. It pays to appoint professionals from the outset to ensure that your paving investment is safeguarded.

Ask for Advice

Before embarking on a paving project, turn to a professional installation company, like us, for advice. Our many years of experience, together with a proven track record, have helped us to build a solid reputation for honesty and quality workmanship. Also, we never stop researching the latest developments in the paving industry so that we can pass on that know-how in the form of professional paving installation.
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Paving benefits and options

No matter what type of property you own, or how big or small the project you require, we can offer you the best solution at competitive market rates. We stock all types of paving in various textures, colours, shapes and sizes. We work with brick, cement, clay, cobblestone, concrete, granite and slate.
Best Paving in Alberton

Best Paving for your project

We always take the topography of the Alberton property into consideration. Location, the amount of traffic the paved area will cater to and weather conditions for the area are all taken into account.

Walkway Paving in Alberton

Increase the kerb appeal of your Alberton property with an aesthetically pleasing paved walkway. An attractively designed paved walkway adds both value and good looks to industrial, commercial and private homes in the Alberton area. Our company offers several walkway paving designs and colour combinations. Use our expertise to transform your paved walkway into an asset that will increase the value of your property.
Paving Bricks are great when laid in a T shape
Paving for a road is really a smart move in maintenance and longevity It also looks great get your paving bricks today

Professional Paving Installer

From factories and warehouses to office blocks and private homes, our walkway paving solutions will transform any Alberton property. We are members of the Master Builders Association which guarantees you quality workmanship at a competitive price. We undertake any walkway paving project, big and small.

Paving peace of mind

Walkway paving is pleasing on the eye and very durable. This guarantees years of stress-free service and low maintenance costs. Walkway paving is available in many different designs and colours. Another plus factor about walkway paving is that it is more cost-effective than tar or concrete. That is because walkway paving can tolerate climate change much better than either tar or concrete which are inclined to buckle, crack and disintegrate.
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Paving for a road is really a smart move in maintenance and longevity

Removing Oil Stains from Paving

All paved patios and driveways will be subjected to oil stains. Driveway paving in Alberton is the most susceptible to oil stains by vehicles. Braai patios also become oil stained by cooking splatter. These oil stains can be unsightly. Here are some ideas on how to remove oil stains from paved areas:

• Cleaning material instructions must be precisely followed to ensure the correct ratios for mixing. Also, heed application, protective gear and first aid instructions.
• After applying the stain remover, rinse the stained paving areas thoroughly.
• Granular oil stain removers are best for absorbing spills, particularly for more stubborn and older stains.
• Apply the granules to the affected paving areas and leave for six hours before sweeping clean.
• All newly-deposited grease and oil stains must be dabbed with a clean rag or paper towels.
• Dishwashing and laundry detergents are also effective on newly-stained pavers.
• Apply the soap directly to the stain, leave for 30 minutes and then scrub with hot water using a nylon-bristled brush.
• If the stain persists, repeat the process.
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